Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blueberry Game

okay tasia you know that game we played where we ate the sour blue berries and we tried to pick to sourest one for each other haha well me and sister stratton played that game but we pulled out our cameras and would take pictures of each other hahahaha i was laughing so hard last night!

Week 15 ~ August 19, 2013

well this week as been one heck of a week!!! so awesome! me and sister Stratton are on fire!! so the week before last we got like 9 lessons the whole entire week and then just in two days (thursday and friday) we were able to get 10 lessons!! all week we were able to get 18 lessons!! we wanted to get 20 so bad but we got stuck in peoples houses too long. probably our fault but its hard when people love you to be like op sorry we have been here for 10 minutes so we have to go! but it was okay. this week is going to be LEGIT! we have our sights set high!! so to follow up with Mike, the guy who had all the problems with joseph smith, so we saw him on friday and he still had a lot of questions aparently he was really busy and didnt get to very much of the book of mormon. :( we shared a mormon message with him that will knock you off your feet though!! and then search Testimony of the Book of Mormon. its a talk from elder holland and i tell you what the spirit is so strong everytime i watch that one! i watch it kind of a lot because i love it so much! so we had him watch that and he was impressed by it and said well thats what they say about the apostles that if it was blasphamy they wouldnt have died for the cause. so i hope so badly that he will jsut read the dang thing! he is searching so hard for truth and wants to know it so badly and he has it just sitting in his bookshelf! he just needs to pull it down and read it. but i am being as patient as i can haha one thing i have learned really well in this area is patience. i feel like an old grandma in patience level because nothing bothers me too badly anymore. thats good right? anyway umm we had 11 less active lessons and those people all drive me nuts casue im like seriously you dont go to church because someone said something bad to you like 30 years ago!!! get over it and get your butt back to church! your salvation is on the line! i am trying really hard to be patient with those people. they drive me nuts though. so we talk about the atonement and how much the savior loves them and how much he forgives them and that they should forgive those people too. i sound tough on here but i am really not that tough haha. i went to the doctor earlier this week too cause my throat has been so sore so we have been trying to figure out whats up with it. not strep, not mono, so dr condon said its probably a type of heart burn...? idk so i have been taking tons of that type of medicine but it hasnt gotten any better and its been like 5 days so he said to go back in 2 weeks so we will see what he says. i still can work just as hard so its not holding me back at all its just kind of an annoyance. all is well though. dont worry about me! umm every 3 months we have what is called zone conference where they gather 3 differnt zones together and have a big meeting. this one was SO spiritual!!! we talked a lot about the atonement how yes it is for redeming but it is also for enabling us to be able to do things that we couldnt normally do. there are tons of examples in the book of mormon like in 1 nephi 7:17 and 18 they are good! nephi is tied up on the boat and they are about to sink and his brothers are planning his death and then he prays according to his faith if God will give him the strength to loose the bands on his wrists and ankles. you know how we always say that heavenly father doesnt give us anything that we cant handle. i think i might have to argue that statement. i think heavenly father gives us a lot that we cant handle so that we learn to turn to Him and rely on the atonement for the strength to be able to overcome that challenge. that way we can increase our faith in him. well thats my testimony for the week. We can ALL do hard things but only with the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ can we accomplish what our Heavenly Father wants us to. I love you all so much! turn to the savior for everything! All you have to do is ask!  
Love, Sister Tori Johnson

P.S. the solo pic is of me at a members house the one with sister stratton is one where we are waiting for the doctor in his room :) haha we take lots of goofy pics!

this is sister barnes she is like one of my favorites in our ward she is so sweet!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 14 ~ August 12, 2013

Sorry guys i was too lazy last week to make a big email i got in trouble though so i am doing it now haha but oh my goodness last week was awesome!!!! well i dont know where to start last week was great!! i cant even remember too much of it but what i do remember is that i had to eat salmon for dinner...... yuck!!! not a fan! me and sister stratton both dont like fish and so then neither one of us ate very much that night and so we were both so hungry as soon as we walked out the door! haha it was so funny as soon as we got in the car we looked at each other and said umm im still hungry the funny part was litteraly the day before we were talking about how much we hate fish and then sister stratton said she especially hates salmon ahaha thats what we get huh :) and then last night we had a lesson with the bishops wife's dad!! and you will never believe it.... He is a retired MINISTER!!! yeah talk about intimidating!! oh my gosh i went into that lesson so scared and so humble haha okay it was scary for MANY reasons first off he is an old minister... he went to college for the bible and knows it back and forth and could out quote the bible than me ANY day!!!! so scary! plus it was with the bishop sitting right there! it was scary cause he is the head guy who is over me! in the ward at least, then it is his wifes DAD so then i felt like we had to be perfect for her and THEN they have a son who just got back from a mission a month ago who knows exactly what we are doing all the time and knows what we are suppose to be doing so he could have been analysing our every move and would know if we took a breath at the wrong time. needless to say all we had going for us that lesson was to have the spirit with us and thats what we tried to do... we prayed SO hard to just have the spirit with us and i could you not that lesson, the spirit was SOOOOOO strong and it was amazing! i loved it. i think it went well. he wouldnt comit to anything but sister rogers and bishop rogers said that we did a good job and she was really grateful for what we taught and the spirit that was felt. it was the best. i had a good week other than the salmon i might start claiming im alergic to ALL fish, except for shrimp haha only cocktail though :) anyway i love and miss you guys like crazy! be safe and have fun im praying for all of you!
Love, Sister Johnson

Week 13 ~ August 5, 2013

One of the girls that Tori lived with had her grandfather pass away.  She considered it similar to the Relief Society taking in a meal and took all the girls out to Olive Garden using her "magic card".  I am pretty sure it helped the Sister feel better :)