Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 19 ~ September 23,2013

Well i am feeling lazy today so just a fair warning this is going to be a short email. its cloudy and rainy here in spokane! beautiful weather but it is getting a little bit chilly and i am a little worried because everyone says that the last few winters have been mild winters and that they are all due for a doozy :/ i am definitely terrified for my life!! So this email i thought i would give you a little idea of what my days are like. So I wake up every morning at 6:30 on the dot! I usually mosey out of bed say a prayer then try and exercise. Ask my mom I hate exercising that early in the morning so it usually isnt the greatest work out then at 7:00 I shower and i get ready. i have learned to be ready within 45 minutes. most the time i am too lazy to get too ready so i end up looking like a scrub everyday. i dont care though. my hair has gotten a lot more curl to it since i have been up here though. thats a bonus of the humidity. then i cook breakfast and get dressed and then starting at 8:00 i have a whole hour to do my personal study time. right now i am trying to power through the book of mormon and i have been marking it up like crazy. a month ago i ordered these miniature book of mormons so i have been working on marking it up before Christmas so I can send it to someone for christmas. I am at the end of 2 Nephi so I should easily be able to get it done before the holidays. Then me and sister statton do an hour of companionship study (not my favorite thing to do in the world) we plan lessons that we are going to have later on that day and then if we have extra time we usually read a talk on the atonement or something like that. im the boss so i tell her whats up. haha okay im not really that tough. then depending on the day we go out and start talking to people at 10:00 in the morning or we have lunch or we go to the library to get on the church websites and do some studying that way. i like getting on the computers because the internet videos are so great!!! my favorite one right now is http://www.mormonchannel.org/our-heavenly-fathers-plan?v=1834798902001 its a good one :) then we are out knocking on doors until 9:00 at night. its hard going over to peoples houses at 8:30 especially when they have little kids. so thats been our biggest struggle lately but its all good :) then at 9:00 we plan for tomorrow where we write down people that we want to see the next day and then we usually get done with that at 9:30 and so the rest of the night we have to unwind and write in our journals everyday is different between 10 am to 9 at night because we are able to talk to so many different people. i love being able to share my testimony with them and maybe they will feel the spirit telling them something and maybe they wont take a second thought on it . but i love being out here! tomorrow is my official 5 month mark!! CRAZY!!!!! seems like i just got out here in the field like 2 weeks ago. i have learned so much and i cant believe how much closer i am to my savior!! i love it and i love all of you! hope all is going well. you are all in my prayers! 
Love Sister Tori Johnson

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