Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 20 ~ September 31, 2013

Alright everyone So the nice warm weather has come to an official end.... :( I am getting really nervous for winter. I have been stocking up on every warm thing I can find in the store so we will see how well I am doing in a couple months haha but this past week has been really great! we were able to talk to so many people even with the weather getting a little bit chilly people have still been outside working a lot. The biggest excitement this week was with our investigator his name is Davey Chavarria haha you have to roll the double rr good and strong. he is kind of a weirdo but I am starting to love him a lot. haha he is a very interesting guy. he retired from the military about 5 years ago and then now his new job is like a broker or something he was saying what he did but it didn't really make sense to me so I just kind of zoned that one out. oops not a good missionary. but oh well. SOOO that's not the point. He's an interesting fellow and so I didn't really have much faith in him progressing and putting forth much effort into learning about the gospel but as of now he is the most progressing investigator this area has had in a long time!! well since I got here which is like 4 months ago! But we had a lesson with him Monday and it went really good and the me and sister Stratton stopped by his house on Friday to chat with him really quick and we invited him to a baptism on Saturday but he wasn't able to go to that BUT we were talking about church and he was asking all kinds of questions on where it was and when it started so we were like hey come to church!!! (Heavenly Father has to throw things in our face for us to recognize them sometimes) but then we were thinking like hey he should go on a church tour before he comes to church and so Saturday night we took him on a tour and it was so great! other than the wedding reception going on at the same time..... >:[ haha its okay though we still felt the spirit so strong and then sunday afternoon he was there at church!! he had the coolest suit ever! it was like army green wool with blue plaid on it! it was seriously so cool! and then he got swarmed by everyone at the church who knew he was coming! poor guy he is a little more reserved so that might have been a little much for him but that is okay I think he felt welcomed but he stayed for two hours and he was there and it was just super awesome!!! we have another appointment with him on Wednesday so we will see what he says about church.  but I have repented a lot for this but out of all of our investigators he is the one I had the least amount of faith in and he is just so awesome!! he got a Book of Mormon from one of his XO's in the military 23 years ago and he has never read it before but he is reading it now! :) it is so exciting to see people start to accept the gospel. he says that he has never gotten an answer from heavenly father before and so he doesn't think that god will answer his prayer but we know that he will. :) well that's all the excitement over here in Colbert WA I want you all to know how much I love the Lord and how grateful I am for all of you and your support! I Love you!
Love, Sister Tori Johnson

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