Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 23 ~ October 21, 2013

Hi everyone!! Another transfer has come on gone. Lots of changes around the mission but not for me! I am staying right were I am in Colbert, WA and I am going to be here with my same companion Sister Stratton. Sister Stratton is excited we are both staying here. We have a few investigators that make it easy to stay for them. A couple fast Sunday's ago we were encouraged by our Zone Leaders to pray and fast to find a prepared family that is ready to hear the message of the gospel. Well guess what! We found ours! They are the Bradeen's. The mom is a less active member and they have two young kids. I have talked about them before I think but the mom's parents are members and have just started going back to church. They plan on going through the temple in the next few months :) perfect example for their children. We are so excited because we contacted them a few months back. all the way back in August but haven't been able to go over to their home until this past week and we hit it off so great with both the mom and the dad! Apparently my boyish attributes come in handy with cool people. He loved that I rode a dirtbike he was asking me all about it and stuff like that. I love it when I can connect with people like that. I also bore testimony about how my dad joined the church when he was 16 and how his decision to do that has blessed MY life so much! I told him how my family is special because of my uncles decisions and how my dad could have easily been just like his brothers but decided to join the church and it was the best thing he could have ever done for me in my life today. I asked him if being baptized and joining the church is something that he would want and he said yes. He just wants to do the best thing for his family. He doesn't have much of a religious backround at all so its going to be just a fresh start for everyone. Its a miracle!!! I love it when I can bless families like that. So that has been just a small portion of our week. I love being a missionary!! The Church is true the Book is blue and Jesus is the Christ!! I love you all and pray for you all often! Keep me in your prayers! I need all I can get ;)
Love ya!
Sister Tori Johnson

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