Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 24 ~ October 28, 2013

Well i made it through another week. dont worry i didnt die! but i am actually doing great!!!! i had a bit of a cold the last couple of weeks and so i am starting to get over that. but this week we have really started to get our ward more involved in the work! I love it when we are able to get our ward members excited about missionary work! this last week we were able to teach a young man who is dating a less active girl in our ward. he is so great! he has gone to church with his friends his whole life practically and really just wants to learn and grow! I asked him last night if he wanted to be baptized and he said he does more than anything he just wants to make sure he is doing it for the right reasons. well he is 22 years old so guess what... He gets to go to the ysa ward!! SO LAME!!!! he is so prepared! but that is okay it is all the same work! but I am doing good fall is beautiful I love it out here! winteris just around the corner though! I am mentally preparing myself for the worst! I love and appreciate all you guys do for me! I will keep praying for you all and I hope your all praying for me! I need all the prayers I can get :) haha I love you!
Love Sister Tori Johnson

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