Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 32 ~ December 23, 2013

Well well well. its the Eve of Christmas Eve!! I Love the Christmas season so much!!! Seems like everyone is in the right mind frame of coming to church!! I love the Christmas excitement too. all the children have been on pins and needles waiting for Christmas day. I love it so much!! But as a pre Christmas Present Heavenly Father sent some snow our way. It was such a blast. Sadly it is starting to melt away i hope it sticks around long enough to still have a "white" Christmas or like a nasty brownish white Christmas will work for me too. This week has been fun though. we got a few gifts for some of our ward members and for our ward mission leader we got him a kit kat cause i guess those are his favorites. anyway sister Stratton said that we should ding dong ditch it and so we dropped it off and took off running and there was tons of snow on the ground and as we turned the corner my feet decided they didnt want to stay underneath me and i landed flat on my back. We were laughing so hard!! For those of you who dont know me very well it always turns out to be when i do anything exciting I usually end up on my face or my back at least once before the night is over. It didnt hurt at all though. It was nice fresh powder so I was still good. Then the lessons have been a little snow because of the crazy busyness of everyone with Christmas so close but we have just been walking the streets and talking to people plowing their driveways. I love talking to people. Everyone has their faith and the things that they put all their trust in and its cool when you can tell that they are looking for something and we are there to offer a tid bit of how much God loves them and how he has shown us through a living prophet that we can live together with our families not just here but for ETERNITY! I love thinking about that. I feel so blessed to have the knowledge that i can be with my family for forever. Makes the trials in life not so stinky cause i know that it is just a small fraction in Heavenly Fathers time. It also helps encourage me to do all i can here so that when i do die i wont regret anything!! Its been great. Well i Love you all so much!! i keep you in my prayers and hope that all is going swell in your lives. Dont forget about your savior this Christmas the gifts dont matter just the birth of our savior. I Love you!!
Sister Johnson

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