Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 37 ~ January 27, 2014

Oh my this is a busy emailing time. Everyone just wants to chat so this might be a short one!! Sorry :) Well this week was good. Nothing too exciting happened other than the fact that i love my new companion. SHe is so much fun. we are starting to work with less active familes and part memeber rfamilies here in moscow she said that they havent done too much with them since she got here and there are always people to baptize when you teach those people. i love doing that kind of work. well is was not a big number week but it was just so much fun. my district leader and his companion are hilarious they call us every night for numbers and stuff and we just laugh on the phone with them for like 30 minutes every night. they are like the goofiest goof balls in the world but they are funny. then me and sister hoffman were making fun of her old companion for always stepping in dog pooop.... Karma is a real thing. i stepped on the biggest poop ever!!! haha i just kept walking i figured it would come off eventually. but yeah we were just laughing i cant remember much other than the fact that we just walked and laughed every where. we went on exchanges on friday night to saturday night and it just made me appreciate sister hoffman that much more. i got stuck with an airhead dumb girl who stinks at planning. 6:30 comes around and we use ALL of the plans that we had for the entire day. i was lik eoh my gosh i could strangle you. haha so yes i still cant handle dumb girls but its okay i am learning patience. i am still not perfect though. i was thinking how president mullen is truely inspired on who he puts with who cause me and sister hoffman make the best companionship. it makes it a lot easier to be a missioanry when you have a good companion too. but yeah thats just the highlight of this week i am sorry nothing reall yhappened. but i hope you have a good week!
Love Sister Johnson

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