Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 36 ~ January 21, 2014

Welll I would have you know that Moscow, ID is a lot different than Colbert Washington. Haha they are like polar opposites and i love it. so this is my new area and it is a mostly walking partly car area. I love it here because it is a college town and so people are just walking around everywhere so there are always people to talk to. I love street contacting people. Sometimes they are rude. well rude is an understatement but yes you get the picture and sometimes you get some very unique people. and sometimes you get some good gospel conversations with people. I love it. you never know what you are going to get. So my new companion is Sister Hoffman. She is waiting for her Visa to Brazil but she has been waiting a while. like almost 9 months since she put in her Visa information. poor soul that would stink to never get sent to your assigned mission. Its the Lord's will though it will all work out. anyway she is awesome. We are always walking down the road laughing our heads off over something. She has learned that my greatest comfort is my retainer and that i cannot sleep with out it. she thinks that is funny. haha shes weird. anyway she is learning Portuguese and some missionaries were talking to people from Brazil so we just picked up a couple new investigators from Brazil and she is suppose to talk to them in Portuguese but she doesnt know it very well so we are going to start talking it a lot more. who knows, maybe i will come back home knowing Portuguese. that would be cool but it probably wont happen. She is so cute and we are always laughing. its nice to have companions you can laugh with. This week has been one of the weirdest weeks of my life. Sister Hoffman said that she hasnt had this many weird or awkward experiences her whole mission until she became companions with me. I think it might be just me. I feel like awkward and weird just follow me around every where I go. I love my new area right new especially because of the fact that these people here are so humble. the rich part of this area are like the poorest in Colbert. It has been way humbling to be eating dinner with the people in this ward compared to my last. Most of the people here are going to school at the University of Idaho or they work at the college or the are doing something that has to do with the school system. so they are just living happy humble lives. It put things in my life into a little more perspective. The reason i titled this email Break through week is because i finally made a change in my life. previously i DREADED eating left over food. But i have now had a change of heart. Left overs arent half bad. i actually like having them because that means that you dont have to make new food. you just have to throw it in the microwave and then you are good to go. fast, easy, not as delicious but still okay, food!! so yes mom i now eat left overs. I will admit that i probably wont want them after my mission because i have decided that i am going to be living at home for a while so i can get back into the swing of things of my mother making me dinner and breakfast every morning and often times lunch too. thats what i prefer. so mom... i love you and i miss your food but i have learned to eat left overs for the  time being :) <3 other than that it was a great week. i have had some crazy fun, funny experiences but you will just have to read my journal after the mission for these ones :) I love you all so much! thanks for all you do for me! 
Love Sister Johnson

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