Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Email from Ward Mission Leader (Talk about some PROUD parents!)

Brother and Sister Johnson,

I’m the Ward Mission Leader in the Colbert Ward – where your daughter, Sister Johnson, is currently serving.

I’ve been the Ward Mission Leader for just about two years now, worked with a large number of missionaries, and just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that your daughter is serving in our ward.

She’s amazing. Her love for the people she teaches and her ability to communicate that love – along with her testimony – make her a great missionary. As I’ve worked with her for a few months now I’ve been able to see how eager she is to be obedient as a missionary and how zealous she is to share the Gospel. Those she teaches find her very kind, personable, sincere, and very easy to relate to.

She (and her companion) have been able to truly work miracles in our ward as they have worked hard and sought to do the will of the Lord.

I have no doubt that she is literally helping the Lord Hasten his work, and she has been a great asset to our ward. It has also been my (and my family’s) privilege to get to know her a bit while she has been serving here.

Thank you so much for having such an awesome daughter and sharing her with us.



I can't tell you how much I love receiving emails like this.  thank you for being so good to Sister Johnson.  it makes it a lot easier to have her out there serving the Lord knowing there are people like you there to help her.

Sister Johnson,

Sending the email was really my pleasure. Sister Johnson is getting transferred out of our ward today – I’ve already heard from a number of families how sad they are. She really has blest the lives of SO MANY people here. She’s hands-down one of the best missionaries I’ve had the privilege of working with.



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