Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 34 ~ January 6, 2014

So its a new year! Cant believe it!! I am super excited for what 2014 has in store for us. We had such a great week. it started out with a new investigator and ended just as exciting. we have a new investigator her name is Renee. She is so great. She has had a few trials just recently in her life that i feel like set her up perfect for the gospel. she got laid off and she had a daughter pass away and she is just at a point in her life where she is making a lot of changes and so what better time to make a change than to be baptized :) she has a lot of potential but we have only met with her once so i will keep you guys updated on her progress :) People were pretty busy this week cause of the holidays. luckily school is back in session and life will start to slow down again for our investigators and we will be able to meet with them again. New years was great. we got to come home at 7:00 and then we fell asleep early that night. if you dont know already, any extra sleep a missionary gets is like the best thing in the world. i sleep any opportunity i get. which is not very often. i love sleeping as you may have known before my mission i would sleep about 12 to 13 hours a day/ night so since i have been deprived of that, my body has gone through withdraws. i can still sleep whenever nad where ever though so dont you worry about that. the ping pong table came in my room came in handy this past new years day too. we went over to a memebrs house and we were playing ping pong against each other. i totally trashed everyone in the house so that was a lot of fun. well miracles are happening every single day. i love being here in the work. i dont know what i would be with out my testimony of the book of mormon and with out my family who loves and supports me in everything i do. you are all so great!!! 
Love Sister Johnson

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