Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 28 ~ November 25, 2013

Well hello everyone!! things here in colbert are going great!! Tuesday will be my first baptism!  We have been teaching a little 9 year old her name is sophie and she is just the cutest thing in the whole entire world!! she is so excited to be baptized so on tuesday we will have the blessing to watch her get baptized!! this past weekend we have been teaching lots of people we got a lot of lessons last week and then we even got to do service for one of our old investigators and there was 8 elders and 2 sisters me and my companion but it was so much fun. you could tell the elders that grew up actually having to work and do stuff and then the ones that grew up in the city and dont know how to work. its funny how different circumstances affect people so much. obviously i was taught to work and so i was the one splitting the wood with another elder. haha then there was an elder with a chain saw and then another splitting wood and the rest were just gathering the wood and taking it to sister stratton to stack in the truck. we did a lot of wood it was so much fun! i loved every second of it. getting wood back at home isnt half as fun as it is when you are a missionary... sorry mom! :) but yeah it has been great to be a missionary. Meeting Elder Oaks was the best thing that has ever happened to me! When you saw him you can just see the light of christ radiating out of him. he is so kind and you can just feel the love he has for you and the savior and you can just feel how much heavenly father loves you when you see him. thats what i got out of it. i was so happy to shake his hand!! we have just been rockin it out here. i love being a missionary so much. these next couple weeks i am going to try and work on being more loving like elder oaks was! I want others to feel a glimps of what i was able to feel with him. well i love you all so much! thanks for all your love and support! i appreciate all you do for me! 
Love Sister Johnson

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