Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 26 ~ November 12, 2013

Okay i will try and write this out before i get too busy at the end haha but oh my it is a great time to be a missionary ESPECIALLY in washington. one the 24th of November we are having a special stake conference where elder Dallin H Oaks is going to come and speak to us and we were given strict instruction to not plan anything right after the conferecne because he wants to meet us and give us some help. OUR STAKE ONLY ;) tender mercy of the Lord!! the other missionaries are going to be so jealous haha but yeah i am excited for that! then there is rumors flying like crazy!! i guess elder ballard gathered all of the stake presidents and our mission president together in our mission and told them that our mission needs to step up our work. He told the stake presidents to gather all the Return missionaries together and so president Larson (our stake president) came to sacrament meeting on sunday and made an announcement to all the return missionaries to come up to the stand after the first meeting was over and told them that they need to do more for the Lord. they are all returned missionaries and know what it take so he told them that they needed each find one person for us to teach before Christmas. there are like 60 RM's in my ward. I feel like the work is just on the edge of an explosion! like no joke. my whole out look on missionary work changed when i heard this. i HAVE to be here. i dont want to be anywhere else. but in the Allegory of the Olive Tree in Jacob 5 it is like the final stage of the work. Heavenly Father is going to send forth his best servants to prune and help the vineyard one last time and try to bring forth good fruit one last time. This is it! Then He is here! I am so excited to be out here. this work is way bigger than me and way bigger than any of us. we are just suppose to do our part to get someone to teach. its vital they hear the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hate how is has taken me this long to figure it out. We are having a zone conference again on thursday and we are going to get training on what elder ballard taught Pres. Mullen when they had that meeting. its going to be awesome. rumor is we are going to be pressed to have a baptism a week! big goals but i have total faith that if that is what heavenly father wants that is what i will do. Other than all my excitement for missionary work I am doing so great!! I have started a Fast with our ward. for 40 days one member of our ward will be fasting. i myself wanted to participate so for 40 days i gave up sweets and treats and candy. its been so great! just from this fast we have seen so many miracles!! but i also have been gaining weight so this will be good for me i have been on a health kick! i love it. i just feel so much healthier and happier. its been so energizing! i will come back home and everyone will think i am weird but hey, thats what a mission does to you right? im suppose to come back awkward and weird haha. i can promise you that will happen. if it doesnt than we will have bigger problems. I love you all so much and appreciate you all so much! stay strong and know that Jesus loves each of you so perfectly! 
Love Sister Tori Johnson

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