Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 33 ~ December 30, 2013

Well a new year is just around the corner. I cant believe I graduated almost two years ago i still feel like a little kid. Sorry! So this past week rocked! the people here are so great!!! We just went house hopping both christmas eve and christmas day. I fell pretty hard on Christmas eve i already told my family this but it was pretty funny it needs to be said again. So we were leaving this house and they have a really long drive way and we parked at the end of it since we knew there were going to be tons of people there and i didnt want to back sister stratton up so we were walking down it and there was another car who left right after us and they were following behind us with their head lights. well one important detail is that there was TONS of ice EVERYWHERE and so we were trying to walk fast and the whole time we were trying to walk a little fast to get out of their way as fast as possible. so right before we get to the car i am trying to rush out of the way and get to our car anyway i slip and land flat on my back it knocked the air out of me and i wacked my head pretty good too and the people behind us jumped out of the car and i am like SO embarrassed and hop up as fast as i can and am dying laughing it was so funny. sister stratton almost fell from laughing so hard. it was so slippery so now i walk like two miles an hour everywhere i go. not going to risk that again. and so now we are just havning the after effects of chirstmas at our house we are not about to take down our christmas decorations any time soon we have snowflakes and paper chains everywhere!! its awesome!! then it snowed again yesterday and sister stratton is about as experienced in driving in the snow as i am. and she tried to climb a mountain that was completely covered in ice haha it was so funny i got out of the car and said welp good luck!! anyway i literally pushed the car to flip it around to go down the hill facing the right direction. its a good thing i am buff. well... use to be. not so much anymore. but we picked up another investigator this week. he is a nine year old little guy it is so cute! I LOVE teaching children way better than adults. they are way more humble that the old farts ;) haha well this week has been great thanks for all the Chirstmas Packages you all sent! i love them all especially the scarfs and the warm gear!! they are much appreciated! hope you have a good week!
Sister Johnson

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