Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 30 ~ December 9, 2013

Well its official I am not ever going to get married!!! Way to much work! haha just kidding i will get married. i will just make sure that i actually like him. haha :) thats my life lesson for the week. Other than that it was a pretty normal week beside the fact that it has hovered around 10 degrees all week!!! it was too cold to even snow! thats what they said or something idk. when it did snow it was just like dry powder on the ground and it blows away and doesnt cause ice on the ground which is quite nice!! i loved that part of it. well okay this sounds lame but this week was very uneventful i am sorry i dont have much to say but nothing really happened. we have just been working with our less active members. there was a random guy at church yesterday and so we introduced ourselves and he was a non member and he is from nevada but his wife is a member and so he just wanted to check it out. which is really awesome that never happens!! haha but yeah i am doing great. this week i promise i will have a lot more things to say. its going to be a good week this week!! well i love and appreciate all you guys do for me!! Happy early Christmas!!!
Love sister Johnson

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