Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 35 ~ January 13, 2014

Well This is about almost my half way mark of my mission. i have 13 transfers and i have made it through 6. so time is just flying on by. I am finally getting out of Colbert. It was a great ward and i loved it there but it was time to leave. Like SO beyond time to leave. I had served there and done all i could do and now i am ready to leave. The ward is going to miss me though :) i already know it!! 
So this week has been definitely one for the books. I was told that i was part of a cult about 5 days in a row which is weird because i havent been told that for my whole mission. i dont know why but i think it is strange because the actual definition of a cult is any organization so i guess the true definition is yes we are a cult but well... everything is a cult. but i know thats not what they meant. i am part of some crazy religion that forces people to leave their homes and try and make people get baptized!!! haha just kidding thats not true either. i love being a missionary. if i didnt like it i would have been home a long time ago!  Then the funny things started happening. No one knew when transfers were coming up but everyone started giving me stuff. not Sister Stratton just me. like I got a home made rug. i got some Horchata its the best! and jsut little things here and there that they didnt give to sister stratton. i was laughing so hard. i think that was Heavenly Father telling me that i was for sure going to get transferred. My new area is going to be in the Palouse River ward. I heard it is a very rural area with a few small towns all together. i am not really sure much more about it. i dont know if it is in Idaho or if it is in Washington still but its some where around there. My new companion's name is Sister Hoffman. I dont know anything about her either. anyway then on friday i show up to a zone training meeting and we only have one zone leader. come to find out my zone leader got called to be the new assistant to the president. so now both of the AP's are my old zone leaders. i have been trained well! its exciting. i love all the changes that are going on around here. The most exciting thing that happened this last week was on saturday. Elder Anderson of the quorum of the 12 apostles was around spokane somewhere and he wanted to meet with us. so we gathered our whole mission together (which is the first time that has happend) and he came and spoke with us for 3 hours I am sure my dad has already creeped the picture of it on our missionary blog :) He was so funny. i love being able to meet the apostles like that because at conference they are all on their best behavior and then with us they kind of  show us who they really are and they are a lot more fun to be around. but He taught us about repentance and how it is a process not just an action. which really stuck with me. i like that because if you just repented then you would be perfect instantly but we are just humans. we are a little bit slower than that. so we need to repent. change a little bit. repent again change a little bit more and just make it  a whole process not just poof your done. and then he talked about the atonement. which is exactly what i needed. he said that if you think you understand the atonement even a little bit then you need to be humbled and you need to realize that you dont know anything. he said that the atonement can never be understood. ever. until we are dead maybe. but still that brings me a lot of comfort to know that even an apostle of the Lord doesnt even understand the atonement and how it works. i have been thinking about that a lot lately. everyone says that the atonement can help you out just use the atonement. and i am like what you think i am stupid i am trying but it doesnt make sense so i have figured out that it will never make sense i just have to try my best :) one last thing that i learned while i was there is how real the savior is. He is literally the head of this church. he is telling the apostles and prophet what to do and how to run this church. i love knowing that. i love being a missionary for the lord and i love doing this work. and work it is!!! i love you all have a good week!Sister Tori Johnson

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