Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 22 ~ October 14, 2013

Well i got in trouble for not writing a long letter so i suppose i should do a long one today!! well  monday i was able to go on exchanges with our sister training leader i love sister hood so much! she is the cutest thing ever! she is a southern bell she is so cute i loved being on exchanges with her! but needless to say i was excited to get back to my own area! we were able to see so many people. we have a few investigators who are learning and are very interested in what we are teaching them. we have about 5 good investigators who seem pretty solid! Thursday was insane though! my mission president thought it was a good idea for us to have a night specifically set aside to do tons of missionary work. were were given like a week and a half to set up appointments starting at 5 and then 6:30, 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30 it was not fun! that is not enough time in between each lesson! we were in a rush all night in panic mode! it stunk! never again will i do that! but friday was awesome! we had a lesson with one of our investigators Chris. His wife just died not too long ago but i think that i have told you guys about him before but we had a good lesson with him on the plan of salvation and how we are here to have happiness and joy and our trials are in our lives so that we are able to gain experience and be better from them. he is definitely looking for the truth but we will see if he grabs ahold of it and runs with it. he is so great though and he has so much potential! saturday was the best day ever! we did so much service and helped out this lady who has cancer and cant rake up her pine needles so we raked them and ended up with 15 bags of pine needles and pine cones! those pine cones are not jsut any pine cones though! sister Stratton called them killer coneys because they were SO SHARP!!!! i was amazed at how painful they were!! so we had to gingerly put them in the trash bags! but it was so awesome i was in my jeans most of the day and so that was a treat! this week has been so great though we have seen so many miracles here in washington! the tree's are beautiful too and idk everything is just so great right now and i am so happy and i am doing well and i have the best family and friends at home and it is just the best time to be a missionary here in spokane! i love you all and hope all is going well!
Love Sister Tori Johnson!

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