Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 6 ~ June 17, 2013

So 6 weeks is now said and done!!! kinda weird i know! haha as much as that drug on while it was happening, it seemed like i just got to the field last week!!!
So this past week has been a long one! Lots of ups and downs. Tuesday stands out more because we were having a good day lesson wise and we were able to see a lot of success, but the whole day I was down and wasn't really having a good day. So 6:00 came around and Sister Judd was feeling the same way I was too I guess cause I looked at here and said, "I want a blessing" she said that she had been thinking the same thing and was trying to think of who could give us a blessing. I said a man in our wards name and she said yes. We called him up and he was completely willing to give us one. (hes the sweetest thing!!) so we met at the members house  and he gave the most simple sweetest blessing I have ever gotten. He just said that although times are hard you will make it through and what really had been bothering me he nailed it!! He said, "Your friends and family at home love and care about you, and the people here do to." I knew that I had people that cared about me, its just nice to hear it from God. That's the best feeling. God telling us things through blessings. I love the priesthood with all my heart. The priesthood power is the exact same power Jesus had when he was raising people from the dead and helping the blind see and healing the sick. I always knew that too but it just kind of hit me and put it into a better perspective for me. I love this gospel.
So that was the beginning of the week. The most recent drama happened last night.... TRANSFER CALLS!!!!!!! Sister Judd has been on pins and needles this whole week and so when our district leader called he was not gentle about the information at all!! He was like sister Judd your staying in cheney and training, sister johnson your going to colbert and your going to be co senior companion with sister Macdonald. She came out the same week as i did so we are going to be training each other. its a little weird and different but they have to do it because there are so many sisters coming out right now! Its amazing how many people are answering to the call to serve!! the Lord is hastening his work so much!! Its a wonderful time to be a missionary!!! So i will be getting a new address its:
16904 N Day Mt. Spokane Rd
Meed, WA 99021
so i will be living in a members basement with two other sisters. 4 girls in one house. its going to be fun.... NOT!!! haha they said the houses with four missionaries are harder because they are a lot more rowdy but it will be fun. i hate the sun in the mornings so im glad we are in a basement. haha heavenly father loves me so much! 
I'm most sad to be leaving our investigators..... I loved them so much and they were progressing so nicely i am so sad that i have to leave them and they are all out of town so i cant even say good bye to them!!!! its devastating!! I would sent you guys pictures from last week but my camera and the computer dont like each other. the camera is not being recognized so sorry!! i want to send pictures so bad!! but that is just how it goes i guess. 
So funny story today hahaha we had to go do "fear busting" with the brand new missionaries. thats just where they go tracting for the first time and well as most of you know i dont have the best memory in the world.. and so we got to the place where we were all meeting which is 30 minutes away from our house and i look down. NO NAMETAG!!!! im terrible at remembering it!!! i always forget it so a sister had an extra one in her back pack of her name so she let me use it so right now i am sister Guyer hahaha  but i am so mad i forgot my nametag i dont know how that even happens but such is life haha
 anyway i love all of you and i hope your week is going great!!Love, Sister Tori Guyer ;)

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