Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 7 ~ June 24, 2013

Sooooo its been a long hard week and im glad its over with!! Even though it was hard physically I dont think i have ever been this excited to be a missionary!!!! ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE A MISSIONARY!!!! I love serving the lord and i really do love it more and more each day!! it is such an honor to be out here preaching HIS gospel! even though it is really hard i know that i will be blessed soon! I was able to watch the broadcast last night and well... i got to watching it on a members iphone for the first half and then an ipad the second half. they had some technical difficulties but i will tell you what, whenever they said that we will be using internet and technology i was so excited!! they said with in the year the missions will all have the stuff and guess what... i still have 16 months left so this girl will be a technology using missionary. its going to move the work along so much more i know it!! tracting has a 0% affectiveness. trust me. i know i have been doing it for 3 days straight! but i am so greatful for the broadcast cause i feel like it will help the members work harder. the missionaries are literally nothing without the members we have no success!! So everyone, you better step up your a game cause the lord isnt hastening his work for no reason! everyone needs to hear the gospel. EVERYONE and its YOUR job to find people for the missionaries to teach. not our job to find them. so step up to the plate. i am giggling inside right now cause Jake is going home in a transfer and he will be missing out on all the fun!! HA! thats what he gets for rubbing the new boat thing in my face for the past month haha. so you guys dont have to worry... he will get a heart felt letter from me telling him how much he will wish he was a missionary still while he is on the boat cause this work is incredible!! And thats the truth!! The area is a little slow though. the sisters before i got here had found zero new investigators for weeks and so we have one person to teach and she is like basically baptized already so its like lame!! we are working hard thoguh so we will figure something out. members will just have to help us find people to teach :) that makes me so excited. we have an amazing ward mission leader too. and good members!! its going to be great. last week we were going around meeting a lot of the families too and we have been trying to get them thinking of what they can do to help the work move forward. its so amazing i just want to have an ipad already :) i hope we get those cause with the college kids we would go to the institute and show mormon messages with them and they loved them!! now we can just whip them out whenever we want. i hope im not dreaming too big when it comes to the whole ipad thing. i know in washington dc mission they have them already. lucky ducks!! that would be awesome! but its hard work out here. but good work, the LORDS work. i learned that i am nothing without my savior! literally nothing. i cant do anything without him right by my side.
My comp has been a little difficult. way harder than my last one. she doesnt make any decisions and she doesnt know and of her ward. like literally no one. and i am getting mad cause she has been here 6 weeks longer than i have, how could she not know anyone!! it makes me mad and she is a terribel driver. i am scared every time i get in the car. its a little ridiculous. we can switch drivers soon though we just have to call the mission office. umm idk we met a less active family this week and we talked about the restoration a little bit and about the priesthood and how important it is to go to church. they are a super nice family and they are really like cool people i wish the gospel was stronger in their lives though. cause really everyone needs it. this is Gods church, not ours. and so i bore testimony of the priesthood how it can raise people from the dead. and stuff like that. i have seen its miracles in my life. I love the priesthood so much. and even though only the men can hold it, we have just as much access to it as the men. so they are no way better than us. but anyway. im excited to be  a missionary but i do wish i had more people to teach. heavenly father is making me work really hard and learn lots of patience. but i love you all!! Take care!
Love, Sister Tori Johnson

Note from Tabitha:
I asked Tori to send us pictures...I told her that we are all DYING to see more pictures from her.  

This was her response:
i cant send pictures anymore cause well i lost my cord to my camera moving.. and my charger and my camera case but i do have my camera still :) but i guess i do need new one of those!!! by battery is a Cannon NB-8L 3.6V idk if that makes sense but thats what it says hahaha i love yoou so much!

Note from Tabitha:
I will get it all sent out to her so that we can see her!!!  And...I'm not surprised one bit!!

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