Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 8 ~ July 1, 2013

Hi guys.
Another week of being a missionary!! Its been really slow in my area still. we are still trying to find people to teach. our ward mission leader insists that we go through all the members and share a quick message with each of them. so all the active and less active members we ahve seen a lot of. its nice though cause in kinda keeps us busy... but then our numbers are always really low!! which is alright i guess. im starting to like my comp more and more. it takes a lot of patience but i love her. ummm idk not much happened this week. we went to girls camp which was pretty fun. it switched things up and then we talked to a recent RM (girl) and she told some funny stories!! haha she went to brazil but she had to wait for her visa and so she served in salt lake for a while. she didnt really get along with her companion at all and they got in a big ol fight in the car and she threw something at her comp while they were driving and so then her comp called the mission president and she got to stay with them for a day and a half. no comp or nothing! she got to chill and hang out go to a family dinner and eat with everyone and just relax for a couple days. i was laughing so hard when she told me that. i loved it. i do have to admit i am quite impressed with myself. i have become quite the typer lately now that i am on a time limit as to how many people i can email in an hour and a half and so i have become very speedy :) but anyway umm i am learning a lot out here. i have been called unto repentance many times in the past week. i need to change and grow a lot before i can become what the lord wants me to be. i am trying my best though. i love serving and i love the people i meet. i just wish we had investigators to teach. that is the only bummer but we will get them if we keep working hard. the lord promises blessings with obedience and hard work and i am doing my very best and thats all he asks! but the church is true! the book of mormon is the word of God. if people would just read it they could know for themselves. i get frustrated really bad sometimes when people dont even give it a chance. its like come on! all we are doing is asking you to read it and ask God and they can know for themselves they dont have to believe us. they just have to believe God. But its not my work, its Gods work so I shouldnt get frustrated. haha I love all of you and hope you have a good week! Take care and dont forget to read and pray everynight ;)
Love Sister Johnson

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