Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 11 ~ July 22, 2013

So it was another great week to be a missionary! we made goals and made them this week!!! that is always exciting! haha but we rode our bikes.... A LOT last week! like every day but honestly im not complaing cause i have gained SIX LBS since i got out here! super lame its not going to last! i make my comp ride all the time she probably hates it but she wont speak up and say she doesnt want to do it so im like welp if your not going to speak up then we are going to keep doing it. i love it though cause then we get to talk to a lot more people and then i dont feel so bad everytime i get a soda :/ haha we live right by a gas station so that is definitely becoming one of my weaknesses. i love root beer. i really want one right now but i wasnt going to get one today. anyway just so i can have the backs of the missionaries where ever you guys are, dont ever get mad and yell at them!! we had that happen to us and it seriously made me so sad!! me and my comp both were like torn apart from being yelled at by someone in our ward! we went over to their house to do service for them. so we knocked on their door no answer but they were expecting us and we could hear them inside so we rang the door bell and one of the kids let us in and i heard the kid go down the hallway and say that the sister missionaries were here so i just assumed it was to his mom. so we go in and the bathroom was right in the entry way so we changed our clothes really fast so that they wouldnt have to wait on us but then when we were done we stood there in the hallway like where the heck are the parents and then one of the kids wanted to show sister mcdonald a game he was playing and so she went over and was looking at it and i guess it was right by the parents doorway and then when the dad came out she was right there and was taken back i guess and so he was like rushing out the door and our car was parked in the way so we had to go out and move it and then after he leaves we go outside and start helping his wife and then he calls her and wants to talk to us and so we are on the phone have no idea what is going on but he is telling us that he feels like we invaded his privacy cause we just walked into his house without being invited in and then we stood right outside his door easdropping on his private conversation he was having with his wife (we didnt even know he was there we didnt hear anything) and then just went on and on and made us feel like crap! but it wasnt our fault so we were like what the heck! i wanted to argue with him so bad but i was just like no he already hates us we dont need to make it worse so i just let him talk all his anger out on us and then it sucked really bad! haha so lesson to this story... missionaries are fragile humans too dont be mean to them! so on saturday me and sister mcdonald got blessings and that really lifted our spirits back up. thank goodness for the priesthood!! i love it! haha but idk other than bike riding and getting yelled at that was about my week. we had a few lessons that went really great and i got tons of letters!! thanks guys! but umm idk it was a good week! anyway i love you all and appreciate everything you do for me!
Love Sister Tori Johnson

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