Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 9 ~ July 8, 2013

Hey guys!!
so this week has been much better!! we have been visiting lots and lots of active members! we had a training last friday that we have been using with our members a lot! we go and we tell them that they need to invite their friends and then i always show them the video of teren and brandon! :) it makes me smile every time i watch it and we watch it like 2 to 3 times a day :) i love it so much! i love where i came from and what we do there! brandon looks so cool in the video haha and then there is that big group picture of us all and im in there and i want to point myself out so bad but i just keep quiet. i do however tell them that thats my cousin teren and my friend brandon :) haha all of the members love it though. so we saw the most incredible most miraculous miracle i have ever seen! Okay so our area is pretty large. so we have our map of our area color coated. so we planned for yellow in the morning and blue in the evening and then we had specific people in those colors we were going to see. but things just kept happening where we like stalled time a lot and we still had yellow people to visit. so we were there in the evening as well. there was a former investigator who lived in yellow that we decided to go see. so we were heading down his road and i could you not we both had a stupper of thought and drove right past his house so we said okay we will try this other family real quick then head back. so we did. no answer. so we turn around and go back to the formers house his name is chris. so we drive up and him and his daughter are sitting on a deck thing upstairs and so they see us pull up and then they walk to the edge and tell us that their wife/mom is about to die from cancer and that they have been at the hospital all day and that they are just taking a breather and are about to go back. the whole time he was talking i just kept getting this thought share a scripture with them share a scripture with them. so i asked if we could jsut share a scripture really fast and they said yes they couldnt say no to that! so i was like crap what the heck am i suppose to share witht hem so i was panicing and then i got 2 nephi 4: 21 so i read that one and its about nephi and after his dad dies he says that he feels gods love upto the consuiming of my flesh so i am like okay perfect. so i share that one. and then the girl asks for one from the bible too. im like crap i dont know the bible at all!! thats next on my reading list btw but anyway so i knew i had some scriptures marked from seminary and so i was frantically looking through trying to find a highlighted one that would be good for them so i thought i had a decent one and then the girl asks me if my scriptures was only the BOM  and i was like oh no this half is the bible and this half is the book of mormon and guess what. Heavenly Father didnt want me to share that scripture cause i accidentally CLOSED the whole bible and lost the scripture and so then back to square one of frantically searching threw my bible for a scriptures and then i opened up to John 3 (or 4 i dont remember) Verse 16 thru 17 that says God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son ........ and Chris says, "thats neat, i was just thinking of that scripture" oh man! my comp didnt help me out at all BTW she just left it up to me to try and figure something out! but i was like oh my gosh this is nuts so we left and so we were talking a little bit,  and he shared something that will always stick with me. i knew this before but it was such a testimony builder for me. he said something like that God will always be with us no matter what. and we can always feel his love. he said that when we dont feel his love its not because he isnt there its becasue we arent doing our part to feel his love and we arent reaching out to him. I loved that. they taught me way more than i  could have ever taught me cuase they are all so calm about her death. they knew that she was going to be alright and that things would be okay. i was so nervous cause i have never had anyone close to me die. well grandma bufa but she was old and ready to die so i dont really ahve much experience with it. but i do know that this life isnt the end and that God's plan for us is way more perfect and magnificent than we could ever understand. it was a good week. we had low numbers but that was a miracle that will always stick with me. and i know that God set our day up perfectly and put obsticals in our paths so that we would be there at that time in that moment. cause they werent at their house very long but we just happened to show up when they were just taking a breather. nope thats not me thats God right there!

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