Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 10 ~ July 15, 2013

This was sort of a slow week but it was still a good one. we had a trainers meeting on thursday which was soooo good!!! i learned so much. i love going to meetings cause those are where you get spiritually uplifted and then the rest of the time week its like you use what you learned so much. then  on friday i had a doctors appointment. i have had strep throat which isnt really slowing me down too much i just have been more tired. which isnt really that fun and then so wait let me back up on thursday night president mullen callled us and said that sister McDonald's Grandfather passed away and that he was sorry and stuff and she was really close to her grandpa and so she was really sad and i didnt know what to do. Im not very good at being simpathetic so i tried my best and so then with my doctors appointment in the city on friday i had to pick up a perscription at walmart and when we got there it wasnt ready so i was like lets go out to dinner so we went to five guys cause it was just right there so i (well my dad) bought us some burgers and fries and then cold stone was just right there too so we went and i bought her ice cream too. thats kinda like the relief society bringing dinners right? well anyway i tried my best and thats all i knew how to do so i did it and so she was really greatful and i think it helped us bond a little more. she is a really sensitive person so i have to be SUPER careful what i say to her. but i think that showed her that i loved her. so we ate and she was smiling and laughing and then we went and got my prescription and so by the time we got back to our area it was like 6 because the doctors took so long and we were like ugh fine i guess we will get back to work! and then well it was good. my companion is doing really well. she doesnt seem like its bothering her too bad. im like walking on pins and needles everyday though. she is a trooper though. so only 2 more weeks of this transfer. i like have no idea what is going to happen next transfer. i am so scared to train although i feel like i had to train sister mcdonald this transfer. she knew very minimal things so i have had to try and help her without telling her how to be better cause everytime i do that she gets all butt hurt. haha anyway i am learning charity. which in my opinion is the hardest characteristic of christ to obtain but definitely the  most important!
I had to talk in church yesterday. My knees were shaking the whole time!! I hate talking in church! but anyway i read part of a talk by elder holland Because of your Faith. (really good talk) but i read the last part where he tells of when he served a mission and that he had to sell things and save up for a really long time because his was a really expensive mission and that when he got back his parents were leaving on their missions and that he was really worried cause he didnt know what to do. so anyway he goes to the local bank and asks how much money is in his account and the retailer says that all of it was in there that his parents paid for every bit of his mission and that elder holland had no idea that his folks were doing that. his dad had not bought any new shirts or ties for two years and his mom had picked up a job at a grocery store to help pay for it too. every time i think of that i think of the family i have back at home. You guys, and every sacrifice and inconvenience you are making for me and i really do appreciate it. never the less i was crying the whole time i was giving my talk and stuff... Lame!! but anyway i also spoke on the character of christ and how Jesus loves us so much! In the MTC i was able to go to a talk by pres. Bednar called the character of Christ.,... seriously best talk i have ever listened to and its an MTC exclusive... LAME!! but anyway it was so good cause he was just telling us that we need to look at other people and not even look at ourselves when it comes to needs. He said that Jesus always turned outward and that the natural man looks inward. what do i need what can i do to be happier. he says that we have to look outward. he said something like where when we are only focused on what others need is when we find ourselves. which he says it way more powerfully than i ever could but i really makes you take a step back and think like wo i need to be better. i need to be more like Jesus and stop being so self centered. I am working on Charity,, one step at a time :) haha but anyway i love you all so much and hope everything is going well. read elder hollands talk "because of your faith" its from me to you! Love you to the moon and stars!!
Love Sister Johnson

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