Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 12 ~ July 29, 2013

well i am staying in the same area for this next transfer but we moved to a different house im excited for the change! i liked living on the farm before but it was so inconvenient!!! so now we moved more by the city so its a lot better. the lady that owns the house is in our ward our house still isnt in our ward but we are in her rental house in spokane. its like a block away from the library two away from walmart and the same amout out of our area as the last house so i will be much ahppier with this one! well i just got a video from tasia of family home evening last week and well i can tell you that my week wasnt that exciting! haha that sounds like you guys are having fun and doing great though! so last week there was a family in my ward who was moving to idaho and they have been packing up and getting things ready but me and my comp woudl go over there and help a lot but i lvoe this family so much! they just got baptized less than a year ago so they are all still pretty new to the whole mormon thing but their dad is def and so he would stay home and take care of the kids while the mom would work and so these kids have never been told to be quiet. and i will tell you what... these kids are CRAZY they got kicked out of their lastt church cause the kids were so insane! it is so funny i will send a picture i ahve with the family but i was so sad to see them leave! but i am training a girl that has been out for six weeks i pick her up tomorrow. pretty insane .... haha but i feel honored to be trusted with one of these new girls and i am super excited to meet her!! i am not nervous at all which is a little weird i might have a humbling experience soon haha but i hear she is nice and happy and bubbly person! this is going to be so much fun! we need to get this area progressing it hasnt had much going on for a while. its crazy how much i love my new companion and i dont even know who she is i havent seen her face yet :) its so exciting we got a new home a new comp a new start and we are going to work hard!! i love it! but other than that there hasnt been much going on this week! I am doing well and i am so greatful for the love and support from all of you!
Love sister Johnson

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