Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 4 ~ June 3, 2013

So lets see. This week wow it seems like it has been a long week.
So I our third companion got a new companion and she is back in her area. she has what they call a mini missionary cause she isnt a real missionary she is just being a missionary for like 2 or 3 weeks. idk all i have to say is its a good thing i didnt do one of those cause i probably would have never made it here on the real field. haha this is tough work i will tell you what!! anyway we did exchanges with sister senger (the missionary that was with us for like a week) and so i went with her and the mini missionary went with sister Judd. im glad that it was like that. i was able to meet some pretty interesting people when it came to the family wards. haha i love meeting random people they always make me smile later on. But when i was teaching with sister senger without sister judd it was weird i could feel that our discussions were way more spiritually directed instead of being wrote and the same things over and over again so i was in such a good mood, but then when i got back to sister judd, she talks A LOT! like 90% of every lesson so its hard for me to get any words in. but anyway thats besides the point, we had a lesson with some random kid in the park and it was so wrote it was literally like every other lesson that we have so i was instantly in a bad mood. i was like this is not how our lessons were suppose to be. so we talked about it but it was hard for me to describe how i wanted our lessons to be like cause i didnt know exactly what we needed to change to get to where i wanted  us to be so i would just be like okay whatever you have been here way longer you know whats best. and i had done that like 3 times before but again i didnt know how to get to where i wanted us to be. BUT THEN, we had a lesson at like 8:30 last night and those are always the micacle lessons cause they happen right before you have to go home, and this girl had no believe in God she didnt know what role he played and it didnt even bother her that she didnt know. it was so weird but we kept talking to her and kept asking her questions that would get her thinking and so we figured out her needs that she likes simplicity. which is AWESOME cause the gospel is so simple and we showed her a video on Heavenly Father, Father or Father, Heavenly Father something like that and she really liked it!! so the college here does quarters and so the last quarter is about to end this is the last week before finals and she is leaving as soon as finals are done to go back home, BUT she said that we could send missionaries her way and that she would love to learn more! We walked away from that lesson like we were champs cause we could feel the spirit working through us. we know that thats exactly what she needed to hear. Those are the lessons i love. Heavenly Father was nice to me and sister Judd yesterday though cause on saturday, well we had knocked on someones door and some of these houses are really strange like they have one front door but two different apartment things with the one door and then so we were looking for the person in the right apartment but the guy in the left apartment came to the door (we had seen him before and he didnt like us AT ALL and we have no idea why) but when he opened the door we said HI! and he SLAMMED the door as hard as he could and we were like we werent even wanting to talk to you! we dont even know why he hates us so much!!! but that hurt our feelings pretty bad we were a little down after that so all day yesterday everyone was so nice!!! like most of them were not interested in what we had to say but they werent rude at all. Definitely a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. I dont really remember wednesday or thursday that was too long ago but oh wait on saturday evening we had a lesson with this boy named Corey and the elders had been teaching him but we didnt really know where he was  with anything so me and sister judd were like welp lets just see how this goes.... so we walk up to see him and it was really awkward. all his friends were there and they were all smoking and stuff but they all went in the back yard and we sat on his front porch and we were talking to him for a little bit but then his friend chris came up and just sat down with us (PERFECT!)  and the elders said that he would commit to coming to church but then wouldnt show up so started out by asking him if he really truely wanted to know if the church was true and he said yes, so then we asked him if he has prayed and he said no. so then we had the lesson on prayer. ALL spirit guided and honestly being a missionary doesnt get better than that. when you can feel the spirit telling you what to say... thats when you know your doing you job. well to get to the point, we now have two more investigators who are committed to baptism if they get an answer to know its true. we didnt even teach chris the restoration or anything! we committed him to baptism solely on reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know its the true word of God. we have a lesson with him tonight that me and sister judd are both so excited for! We are teaching a lot of people and i love it. The church is so true! thats all i know and so i will try and help others come closer to Jesus Christ through the church so hopefully i do what i am ment to do. I love everyone so much it is such a good comfort to know that i have such a good support group at home. Always remember I have the Lord on my side and that if im doing what im suppose to be doing he will always be there to keep me safe so dont you worry about me! I Love you guys. Thanks for your prayers!
Love Sister Johnson<35D.gif>
P.S. Tasia this is an announcement to you, YOU BETTER WRITE ME ASAP!!!

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