Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Safford Girl's Camp

Hello my name is Heather Grissom I am a Young Women leader of the Safford 2nd ward in the Safford Stake. And I don't have Tori's email address but was wondering if you could forward this on to her:
Our girls camp theme this year is "Mission Possibe" where all the wards were each called to a mission that a person in our stake is serving. And we were called to the Spokane Washington mission! So I was wondering if you had anything that you would like to tell our girls (YW) about the Spokane Washington Mission. Or about why you decided to go on a mission, or what you would tell these girls about missions if you were here in person. We go to camp this next week, and are super excited to be "called" to your mission. :) you can message me back on facebook (I also sent this message to you on facebook) or email if you would like. It doesn't have to be long just something I could read to the girls, to let them know that you are a real person serving a real mission. :) That would be so awesome. Thank you so much!

Heather Grissom 
Safford 2nd Ward Young Womens

Tori's Reply:

The weather here is amazing! you never know what to expect though the morning could be clear and warm but then by the afternoon it could be raining its weird. i always pack an umbrella. but i am working with the young single adults here in cheney washington. they are such amazing people. they love to help and serve us missionaries as much as they can and they are great missionaries themselves. The most important thing a missionary has is its ward. we would be nothing without our amazing ward and for their willingness to share the gospel with their friends. so ALWAYS tell the missionaries who they can go visit cause EVERYONE needs the gospel. i decided to serve a mission because of the blessings i have recieved from being a member. my dad was a convert so i feel like i have been blessed tremendously and so it would be stingy of me to not help others come closer to Christ. If your thinking about a mission I will be honest. it is WORK!! hard work every single day. but as you build a testimony of your savior and you realize the atonement isnt just for forgivness. it becomes a lot easier. there is a talk in the april 2012 conference that has helped me so much its by David A Bednar on the atonement of jesus christ. but the work is so important. SOOOO important and its essential that we share the gospel with everyone. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. it is the greatest blessing i will ever be apart of. the gospel is so true. Jesus Christ is my very best friend and i love him so much. and he loves each and everyone of you so much. Missions arent easy, but they are SOOO worth it.

This wasn't at Girls Camp but enjoy this picture of Tori Camping!!

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