Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 2 ~ May 20, 2013

so this week has been up and down with our missionary success but only up for my testimony scale! at the beginning of the week we had a lesson with some random guy we met on the street and asked him if he came to know if it was true would he be baptized and he said yes!! so we are having another lesson with him tonight! i hope he has prayed and figured out that this is the ONLY true church. its pretty amazing how much i care for this person and how badly i want him to have the truth. we had a zone conference and we got to listen to a talk from elder holland. I love that man with all my heart!!! he is definitely called of god! but he spoke of the importance of obedience and how we have to be obedient or we cant be the messengers God wants us to be. He also helped me realize how important is was for me to be here. I am starting to really love people now and love missionary work because it is essential that i share this gospel or there is no way they will make it back to live with our heavenly father. Over the past two days i think i have walked AT LEAST 30 miles though. We share the car with the elders in this town so they had it all weekend and my comp isnt up for riding bikes so we walked, anyway we are still so exhausted so we will probably take a long nap today instead of go play but i am totally okay with that! we are going to get a pizza too. They have tons of pizza places here but my comp never lets us get it it makes me so mad so today im demanding it!!! haha i lost track of my point, ANYWAY with our 30 miles walks i have learned that the only way i am still awake right now and willing to work is because my savior is right next to me helping me with every step. and i have lots of candy from my dad to keep my occupied which also reminds me that as much as i love all the candy and all the treats you guys might have to put a hold on sending me that stuff cause i'm trying to eat healthy meals but i dont think the healthy meals will do me any good if i just eat candy the rest of the day! remember my goal is to not get fat on my mission!! :) I love you guys though!  also remind me to never have 12 kids. we went and ate dinner of a family of 12 and it was INSANE!!! i could never handle that for myself. but the mission has a rule where monday through friday if you have dinner with a family the family has to have a non member or less active there with them and then saturday and sunday it can be free for all so we dont really get fed a super ton but thats okay. it scares me going to peoples houses for dinner you never know what to expect. that family of 14 people we ate venisine i guess its like deer or something idk it wasnt too tastey though haha she made spice cake though and that was DELICIOUS!!!!! but anyway we walked a lot talked to a lot of people and got the door shut gently in our faces a lot this week but thats okay. they just dont know how awesome we are and how true this gospel is that we have to share with them. haha I love you guys so much here are a few pictures my comp doesnt let me take too many pictures though cause we can only take them not durring prosyliting hours so whatevs haha this place is absolutely beautiful though!!!! the weather lately has been a little crazy though sometimes it willl be hot and sunny then two hours later it will be freezing and windy and rainy. it tricks me good sometimes and i dont like it!! haha i love it though i am learning so much and coming so close to my savior i love him so much and i can feel everyones prayers so thank you so much! i love everyone to the moon and stars!! I love letters too so keep sending them :) never forget me!! 
Love, Sister Johnson

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  1. Hello my name is Heather Grissom I am a Young Women leader of the Safford 2nd ward in the Safford Stake. And I don't have Tori's email address but was wondering if you could forward this on to her:
    Our girls camp theme this year is "Mission Possibe" where all the wards were each called to a mission that a person in our stake is serving. And we were called to the Spokane Washington mission! So I was wondering if you had anything that you would like to tell our girls (YW) about the Spokane Washington Mission. Or about why you decided to go on a mission, or what you would tell these girls about missions if you were here in person. We go to camp this next week, and are super excited to be "called" to your mission. :) you can message me back on facebook (I also sent this message to you on facebook) or email if you would like. It doesn't have to be long just something I could read to the girls, to let them know that you are a real person serving a real mission. :) That would be so awesome. Thank you so much!

    Heather Grissom
    Safford 2nd Ward Young Womens