Monday, May 13, 2013

Tori LOVES the MTC

I get email time today and so i  thought i would write you an email. I just want to say thank you for all the letters and dear elders. I LOVE THEM!!!! So much!!!!!! Keep them coming PLEASE!!!! They make me so excited every time my district leader brings mail and he gets all mad when he hands me letters cause i always have at least like 3 and everyone else gets none :) they make me so happy and help me focus on learning cause they are a reasurrance that everything is going all right :) I love and miss you guys so much. Today is P day and so we havent been so busy with everything else that we normally do and so this is like the first time i have gotten kinda homesick. Tab just sent me a letter about keegan asking where i am all the time and i love hearing it it just makes me want to call her and tell her i am okay. i am excited for monday though you will be getting a call bright and early on monday i dont know exactly what time we fly out but we have to be at the front at 5 am so i am sure its pretty early. thats like 4 our time. that was hard adjusting to the time zone cause i would eat dinner at like 4;30 and then that would be like 3;30 our time and then i wouldnt even be hungery so that part kinda sucked. the first night i didnt sleep super well but every other night i have slept like a champ. I had to do my own laundry today that sucked. mom always got the stains out of my clothes and i had one on there and i forgot about it and i just washed it normally and it didnt wash the stupid stain out i was pissed haha. mom is the best!! i tried emailing her earlier this morning to tell her to be on at noon but i guess it would be different our time i didnt think out that dang it!!! But anyway me and my comp get along well she is starting to get a little touchy and i dont like that i will have to tell her to quit touching me cause its starting to bother me really bad. other than that its great. ummm idk i think i just sent you guys a letter the other day i try and write one every night to you guys and send it off in the morning but it gets hard cause im super busy a lot of the time. i figured last night i could just email you today sorry :/ I love you so much and i am doing so good. i have such a better appreciation for this gospel now after being here. I love it so much i cant wait to actually  be in the field. I love you though and hope everything is good. Remind mom how much i love her and tell her i emailed her!
Sister Johnson

Washington Spokane Mission 
Cutest Missionary there!!!

Tori's companion at the MTC, Sister Sheppard

They got to take a special trip to the Provo temple

You're going to have to ask Tori about this one!

Tasia is such a nice sister, she used all her Victoria's Secret awards 
to get Tori a new hoodie.
In the same box, Keegan drew Tori a picture and sent her some Chex Mix candy!

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