Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 24, 2013- Off to the MTC

With a late night of driving, packing, and moving things around to keep both suitcases under 50 pounds, it was a team effort to get Tori officially ready to go.  At the house, we got both suitcases at exactly 50 pounds!!

The next morning, we all got up nice and early and made the dreaded drive to the airport. 

Tori said in one of her letters, "On the car ride to the airport it was hard to look at Rhett.  Everytime I did I just started to tear up."

After she was all checked in, we had a little bit of time to get some breakfast.  Clearly, we are nothing like the family behind us!!  With lots of hugs and lots of tears, Tori turned around and walked to the plane without looking back.  At that moment, our hearts were sad but yet so proud of the choice she has made to serve our Savior.  Tori said this in one of her letters, "I am sitting on the plane right now and today is definitely isn't my best looking day I've had.  Red puffy eyes isn't very attractive...So I think there is about 10 missionaries on the plane with me.  When I got in the gate, I saw a whole group of them talking.  I just stood by myself and cried haha I was a wreck!  Some guy asked if I was okay and I was able to choke back a few words lol That girl that Tasia knew that was at the airport the same time was so nice though.  She walked over to me while I was standing there alone at the gate and brought me over withe all the other missionaries.  There is another girl going to Spokane too!!  Everyone is so excited it helps me be a little more excited too."

Tori was greeted at the airport by Tera.  Even though she couldn't be here when she got set apart, she played a special role in picking her up from the airport and taking her to the MTC.

Tera, Melanie, and Davis treated Tori to lunch!

What kind of missionary would Tori be if she didn't go with a fresh pedicure!

Tera and Melanie dropping of Tori to her temporary home for the next 2 weeks!

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