Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 3 ~ May 28, 2013

So this past week has been pretty great. One of the other sisters in the area right next to me kinda went a little crazy I guess about her companion so we had a switch. so this week i have had two companions. The new one is hilarious though I loved having her with us. She is a 27 year old who has had like a whole life time of experiences. she has graduated college and everything. She is a little goofy though and is so weird but i love her so much. She has kept me laughing all week. i dont want her to leave!!! She leaves tomorrow though our house is going to be so quiet with out her :( its going to suck! My companion started being bossy though and i DO NOT appreciate it! at all haha but i told her what was up today. okay no i didnt she could tell i was mad and apologized and so i told her that i didnt need lectured everyday and that i learn things for myself and her telling me what to do isnt going to make me do what she says. so we got that all worked out. 
We have been working hard and teaching lots of people. We had to drop two of our investigators this  week though it broke my heart to do it but they didnt want the truth.  :(  The boy Jake i was telling you about last week was extra rough though.He said that he didnt think that the book of mormon was the word of God. He believes that God Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are all one being and that we were created by God, not that we were his children. He was pretty set on the bible being the only word of god but he has had lots of outside influences telling him that the mormons were wrong. It makes me so sad cause he has so much potential and he doesnt understand how many blessings that come from the true gospel of jesus christ!! Eternal Families being one of them. he has a girl that he is super good friends with and we have a feeling that he might like her a lot but we hope that when he has the desire to be married to her and she wont want to settle for anything than an eternal marriage that he might reconsider. We hope anyway. That was so hard to stop teaching him but he didnt want to do it anymore. He said that he would keep reading the BOM and everytime he had a question he would text us so hopefully he has lots of questions and wants to learn more eventually. The gospel blesses families and thats the truth!!!
This week has been more fun and it hasnt drug out as long as the other ones. although this weekend was kind of hard. teaching young single adults in a college town where they all go home for the holiday weekend is NOT fun!! Everyone left!!! So we had a slow weekend but we got through alright pday on tuesday didnt help either i was so anxious to read all my emails and then  mail didnt come yesterday so i was DYING!!! Last week i got tons of letters and this week i only got like 4 but then today when the mail man game i got like 4 more so it made it a whole lot better. Thanks for the chill pants too btw dad!!! you know thats my favorite color! my comp is jealous she just wont admit it! Haha :) i have the best support group at home its amazing. thank you to everyone. I Love all of you guys so much!!!! I am doing well though and my comp is making sure i work hard so dont you  worry about that!! 
Miracles are coming soon just you wait.
The gospel is true. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much! Thats the best thing about this whole life is understanding that and we could make it through anything. 
I love you Jackie thank you for emailing me. 
Love, Sister Tori Johnson

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