Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 39 ~ February 10, 2014

This week went so great!! we had some awesome miracles. So we have this girl in our ward who is just loving doing missionary work everyday she like begs to come out with us and she like invites all of her friends so last saturday she invited this new kid at school on a church tour and he said yes he would come! so apparently he had been taking the missionary lessons in Kansas where he is from and he was about to get baptized but then something came up and he wasnt able to get baptized! So when he got here and she invited him we were so excited!! like so excited! So yeah he is on date for baptism on March 8th. The poor kid has had a lot of trials tho :( on Saturday he told us that his mom had over dosed on drugs again that he was really worried about that. It makes me so sad to hear those kinds of things cause its not fair to have those kinds of things happen to innocent kids. I just have to remind myself that God is aware of them and He loves them. He knows what they are going through and even though its not fair, that Jesus Christ suffered the Atonement so that those kids will be able to taken care of and loved and Christ knows exactly what they are going through so he knows how to help them. I love Alma 7:11-13 those are like the best scriptures that have helped me get through little things like that. but another miracle is the next day we went and we taught Emily again and we taught her the restoration and she is now on date for baptism on March 29th! Me and sister Hoffman were so scared to put her on date. the lesson went really good and then when it came down to the end where we invite them to be baptized and sister hoffman invited her to be baptized and usually we ask them a date right afterward and we both kind of paniced and looked at each other but she asked her to be baptized so i was like okay looks like its on me and everytime i invite someone to be baptized i always mess it up! like evertime! so i start talking and i asked her if she wanted to be baptized on march 29th and it actually turned out not too terribly bad! haha it was good. she accepted thank goodness and I am so excited especially since that is my birthday! i cant believe i will be 20 years old. Thats way weird i am still just a kid anyway Friday was fun we went out to lunch with our District Elder Rose and Elder Cox are the goofiest elders ever! its my favorite. They call us every night because we have to account for how we did for our day anyway that takes like 2 minutes and we end up talking to them for like 30 minutes everynight cause they are so funny and they just make us laugh the whole time. They are so goofy but yeah we went to this place called mongolian bbq and it was so good! then saturday we went on exchanges. our Sister Training Leader is sister Rasmussen she is really fun but i was grateful when Sister Hoffman came back. she is like my favorite companion ever I will be sad when she gets her visa to Brazil. so yeah this week has been good thanks for all your love and support! 
Love Sister Johnson

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