Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 42 ~ March 3, 2014

This week i have been learning a lot about the atonement of the Savior. I have learned that we must trust in Him and trust that everything will be okay. So we have our investigator Nigel and he is getting baptized this Friday!! he is so awesome. he has had so many trials in his life tho. the poor kid my heart just goes out to him every time another curve ball comes. So Heavenly Father is helping me learn that its okay to have trials in our lives thats where we gain the most faith and learn the most. and so i have to just trust that the saviors atonement is going to be there to lift him up and carry him through all the hard things that are in his life. its hard to watch some one suffer though. its okay tho the Lord loves him and the Lord loves me so it will all be okay! 

This week it was so hard to say goodbye to sister Hoffman! we went and had lunch and took pictures on Tuesday morning and then we had to say good bye at 1:00 and i was just balling. she really has become one of my best friends and she will forever be my friend. Then I got to meet my new companion. She is definitely a lot different than Sister Hoffman but she is the sweetest thing. I have really enjoyed being with her. We are very different but we seem to work very well together and we never argue or anything we just do missionary work and everything works out good! So remember when i had told you about those people that invited us over for dinner and they just told us how much of a lie our religion is and how we are just brainwashed. so we got a referral from the elders the other day and so we go and knock on the door and you would never believe it.... Trisha and James!! the FRIENDS of the people that invited us over!!! CRAZY huh! yeah so when they opened the door i saw him and panicked big time and almost ran away but i played it cool and we talked about anything other than religion and then i asked to say a prayer and then we bailed as soon as possible! haha it was stressful! she still wants us to change our religion she text us and stuff after we left. Then we had one of our members kimber invite another friend on a church tour and it was so cool we got another investigator but we have to send that one to the ysa missionaries. he is so legit tho he is going to be baptized some day! but anyway things are going great thanks for all your love and support!! 
Love sister Johnson

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