Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 40 ~ February 18, 2014

We had lunch with some of the sisters in Moscow. It was so much fun! we went to applebees

Hi Everyone!!! So This week was great!!! We started out by teaching the crazy hoarders again. we probably wont be going back there as often anymore. it is scary. they are starting to pick it up a little bit though. Then we taught our investigator Nigel. He is so great. He is on date for March 8th and so no problems have come up to where it would hinder him being baptized yet.  We taught him the word of wisdom on saturday and he hasn't had a cup of coffee for 3 months! so I think all is well in that category!! Then awe man tuesday night we got invited to go over to someone random persons house on the road to have dinner and me and sister hoffman have been stressing that dinner appointment for a while and we were not stressing it in vain!!!! they are like these young couple who just got married and they are preggo with their first baby and they had some friends that had a little infant and they joined us at dinner too but before dinner they were so nice and they were so sweet. during dinner it started getting a little contentious but mainly because they just didn't understand. They believe in predestination and i said that we believe in foreordination and they think that thats the same thing... and they think that christ only suffered for some people that were already predestined to go back to heaven with God... :( sad day. but anyway me and sister hoffman did not want to argue AT ALL so with our lessons we watched a video called Mt To Climb and then we read a scripture out of the Bible Isaiah 53:3-5 and then Alma 7:11-13 in the Book of Mormon to show that they dont contradict each other. but then the man of the house starts to say that the Book of Mormon is full of lies. then he says well those verses were truth but the rest of it is lies. then we asked if has read it but he said no. haha but he like gets all intense and says that our church is full of lies and that we are being manipulated into a bunch of lies... it was dumb because he says the book of mormon is full of lies except for that verse that we read with him and that we are a just brainwashed but then he believes that nothing we can do can change whether we make it to Gods kingdom or not and that all you need to do is have faith in Jesus Christ. Last i checked I have faith in Christ so i dont know why he is so worried about us. haha so yeah that was fun and a good experience. 
Then on Wednesday we had a zone conference (dad there should be new pictures up :)) but anyway that was really fun. we were all gathered together as  3 zones so there is about 60 or 70 missionaries together and we do some "recreational activity" while we are there to split it up and its just were we have a scripture chase. they split us up from how long we are out so its like 0-6 months 6-9 months (there are lots in that group) 9-12 months (thats me :D) then 12-1 year. anyway we do a chase with those missionaries and then the winner of that group goes to the final round with only 4 missionaries and then we have a competition in front of everyone. Needless to say you are reading the Email from the winner of the scripture chase.... not to be boastful or anything but i was pretty awesome!! I love the knowledge Heavenly Father has blessed me with with the gospel and the book of Mromon it has been such a blessing in my life. i love it so mcuh! Friday for valentines day we wanted an excuse to get into the houses of members that we typavcally dont get into so we had some of the moms in our ward bake cookies and so we separated the cookies down to like 5 in a bag and took them to our less active members and some of our investigators. he was quite successful! we got lots fo referrals and lots of softened hearts. Saturday we were driving around and it was raining and we drive past his basketball court in a park and these two old guys are playing and so sister hoffman said that we shoudl go talk to them so i pull over and we go talk and they were possibly pretty drunk and it was just so funny. on of them forced us into a prayer circle and we prayed right there in the rain and then we gave them mormon.org cards with our church building address on it and believe it or not one of the guys came to church on sunday!!!! That is what is up!! we have an appointment with them for tomorrow morning :) haha MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!! last but not least we got a new investigator!! He is a retired NFL player and is the football coach for the U of I football team! his family is all members and he comes to church every week but he just said that it is hard for him to believe that Joseph Smith really did see God and so we have what he needs. who knows maybe he will be prepared to be baptized soon. We asked if he has ever read the Book of Mormon and he said no and i am like you silly goose! thats how you are going to know if Joseph Smith really Did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. haha its stressful when they wont read the book of Mormon. THat is the proof that we have that he really was a prophet. we will get him :) anyway i thank all of you for all that you do for me everyday. Just so you know if you ever want to send me mail send it to 
820 S Pines rd st 101
Spokane Valley, WA 99206 
dont send it to my actual adress. things get mixed up when you do that! Thank you so much i love you all!
Sister Johnson

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