Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 41 ~ February 24, 2014

So I have been thinking about how much I have changed since i have gotten out here on my mission. The whole point of this earth life is for change. We are suppose to evolve from our natural, carnal state into a saint. Easy right? NO!! Not even close. I read today in Mosiah 27 and this is the story of Alma the Younger and how he got converted to the Lord. He went about trying to destroy the church of God but with the prayers and faith of the righteous, The Lord was able to send and angel down to visit him and the sons of Mosiah and convince them of their wicked ways. I love the way that Alma the Younger compares his life before and his life before. He thought he was having fun while doing wicked things but after he gets converted he says "My soul hath been redeemed from the gall of bitterness and from the bonds of iniquity. i was in the darkest abyss; but now i behold the marvelous light of God. My soul was racked with eternal torment; but i am snatched, and my soul is pained no more." When we are making bad choices it draws us away from our Father. and our SOUL longs to return to our Father in Heaven. its our natural man that draws us away from him. The thing from that story that stands out to me is in verse 31 it says "Yea, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess before him. Yea, even at the last day, when all shall stand to be judged of him, then shall they confess that he is God; then shall they confess, who live without God in the world, that the judgement of everlasting punishment is just upon them; and they shall quake, and tremble, and shrink beneath the glance of his all-searching eye." If we dont try our best here on earth and change while we are here, its not that God is going to be mad at us and Damn us to Hell. WE are going to CHOOSE to not be with Him. Does that mean that we ahve to be perfect? No! We just have to try our best and not waste this time here on earth and make changes that are for the best. So you know in your year book everyone says "dont Change" well that a load of bologna, CHANGE PLEASE!!! Jesus Christ is there to forgive you when you fall short he will ALWAYS be there you just have to accept his forgiveness and change! :)
 Well i have seen a lot of change this week. some of it good, some of it a little sad but necessary. So we have our investigator Nigel who is getting baptized in about 2 weeks. He is so solid. He is just ready for the change in his life. we met with him 2 times last week and then we went to this horse orphanage outside of town and did service and brought him along with us. I think that was good for him. He is a rancher boy and hasnt done manual labor for a while and so i think he really enjoyed it. it was so funny because it has been snowing then raining then snowing then raining all week so everything is slushy muddy gross. So when we got to the horse orphanage we were walking in Slushy muddy gross POOP! haha it was so funny we were just shoveling the horse poop but it weighed so much because it was wet and it smelled so bad. it was a lot of fun tho we had lots of missionaries there and so that is always my favorite moments when there are lots of missionaries around. 
our other investigators name is Emily. She is the sweetest thing i have ever met but lately she has been really busy and so we havent really been able to meet with her at all for two weeks. :( so sad. she is in key west right now too so we cant meet with her this week either. she is on date for march 29th but if things keep going like this we might have to move it back and that would make me so sad! 
so earlier this week it was like a tornado! with rain and everything blowing you over! i dont know what the heck was up with that it was pretty funny though. it hurt so bad with the rain on your face and we were just sopping wet freezing and walking on the side of the road. anyway while we were walking some random lady pulls up and says "i see you in the neighborhood all the time do you guys want of ride?" of course we said yes!!! haha but she wasnt a member and so it just made me realize that there are truely some incredible people out there and i was SO grateful for her. well i forgot my journal at home so i cant really remember much else than that. sorry!!! but i hope that you all have a really good week this week! The church is true the book of mormon is true and Jesus is the Christ!! 
Love Sister Johnson

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