Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 43 ~ March 11, 2014

Well this week i have been learning a lot about faith and what faith is. Faith is really hard. Its a hard thing to have sometimes. It takes faith to get on your knees and pray to God and ask him for things believing that he really is there and really will answer your prayers. it takes faith to walk out the door sometimes. it takes faith to do pretty much anything in this world because you are having to trust in God and what he has planned for you! Just a simple scripture I read the other day was Alma 32:21 "Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things, therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen which are true." When something comes up in life. it is okay to not know for certain what you are doing. As long as you have faith in the lord and trust in what you know to be true, you are exercising your faith and it will be strengthened.
Well my week was incredible! so much happened spiritually and physically i dont think i can tell it all in one email!
So we had a baptism this week on Friday and so we met with Nigel everyday this week. I will tell you what the gospel changes lives every single day. i am so grateful for that. so on monday we asked nigel how school was and for the very first time he said it was good! Then on tuesday we asked him again and he said it was a great day. and every single day his countenance just got brighter and brighter and all the way up until his baptism it has just been sky rocketing. Friday night as he was waiting to be baptized he couldnt sit still! Him and his friend Nevar were just running around in their white jump suits and couldnt sit still because they were both so excited. Navar is his 17 year old friend that baptized him :) I was just so excited for them! i couldnt believe how happy they were to be there. Nigel was just smiling from ear to ear and that was the first time i had ever seen him do that!  Then on Sunday when he went to get confirmed in churhc when the bishop said his name to go up to the front he jumped up and basically ran to the front! he is one special dude. i love him so much! 
Then on Wednesday we went over to our other Investigators house Emily. She is the one that is on date for baptism on March 29th She is such a sweet girl! we asked her if March 29th was still on her mind and she said "Thats the plan!!" I cant wait for that day. not only cause it is my birthday but because she wants to get baptized on that day!
So There is this lady in our ward who is planning on moving. who knows if it has actually happened yet. she has a LOT of stuff! Like she is a hoarder! BUT she is moving and said that she is only taking what can fit in her car. which is really a bid deal! then so we have been going over a couple times a week to help her throw away all of her stuff. i think her moldy muggy basement makes me sick tho. i am not necessarily a fan of that... 
Then okay sunday was like the funniest thing. so we wake up and we had to switch our clocks becuase of day light savings time (still doesnt make sense to me but what ever) so we get jipped an hour of sleep then at 7:00 in the morning we get a knock on our door and sister burk is in the shower but i figured it was just other missionaries and so i open up the door and see the missionareis and they ask us for a ride i am like well we will have to wait for sister burk but sure we can give you a ride. So we wait for sister burk and i still hadnt showered yet i was just a crust ball and then we give them a ride and then come back home. then when we get back to our apartment pulling up sister burk is like oh no i forgot the key to our apartment. i was like crap so we check and yep locked! haha so we call our land lord and beg him to get a key for us and so we are just hanging out in the other missionaries apartement until we can go an dget another key when we finally do its like almost 8:00 and so i go home and i get in the shower and am late for studies... i was so sad i missed 30 minutes of my study time. thats my favorite part of the day. anyway so church was great and then we went and taught Brother Pupunu. he is so great!! we taught him that it wasnt the church of Joseph Smith but that is was the Church of Jesus Christ. So hopefully he can figure taht out but the last exciting thing that happened this week was that on  sunday i guess our ZL has something go wrong and then he went to the ER and so me and sister burk asked his companion if he wanted us to go and bring them snacks because the hospital is in our area and it was like 8:40 at night so we rush home grab up whatever we can and then we rush back to the hopital and then we went and visited the sick and afflicted on the Sabbath so it was so great! this week was so! Miracles happen every day when you have faith and trust in God. 

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